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Why do I Shoot Film?

So, I get asked this question a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Like every time I’m shooting. Sometimes by a person who has asked me the same question before. It seems to blow people’s minds (and I understand this completely) that I would choose an old fashioned way of doing something when there is a newer, faster, more efficient, and seemingly just better way of doing it today. There’s no way I could sum up my feelings about shooting film in a single blog post. But I will say this, it’s had my heart since my first year at art school and while I’ve taken a long detour into shooting digital (which is also totally beautiful, to each his own), there’s something about the beauty and excitement of it all I haven’t been able to shake.

At the end of last summer Jordan and I took a trip to Atlantic City. Just to give you a small example of what film can do, we took almost the exact same picture one morning [Slightly different angle/crop/timing] while walking along the beach of a father and a daughter. Him with his iphone, me with my Bronica 645 and 120 film. When I received my film I was completely blown away by the difference. The film almost felt like a heartfelt scene from a movie. Be still my heart. Of course the Iphone photo (above it) falls flat. Now, you may be thinking that’s not quite fair. I should be comparing it to a high quality digital camera. But the truth is, aside from some slight differences, I think the nicer digital image would have been similar, unedited. The film image is also untouched and unedited.

You can decide for yourself, but I’m definitely finding that film is my chosen medium. I can’t get over it’s natural organic beauty, and the feel of it. Consider this the first of many posts I will do on why I love and choose to shoot film.


I’ll be taking a little blogging break the next couple weeks for Christmas and New Years. But I’ll be coming back strong in January with some gorgeous sessions, photography talk, and beautiful inspiration to start your 2015 off right. So, relax and enjoy your family and friends! I may pop in on Facebook, but for now Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Everyone! Now, go savor what’s left of 2014!

–  Leah

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