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My Heroes: Part One

I have a lot of personal heroes. They range from masters of photography, art, literature, film-making, and feminism. I admire them for different reasons and usually hope to emulate certain aspects of their career/and or cause and the drive it took to get them where they are. These heroes, while important to me, don’t hold a candle to the two most important people in my life.

My ultimate heroes are my mom and dad. They have been a steadfast example and force in my life always pushing me forward and building me up. Supporting any and all decisions I’ve made. My life would be so different without them in it.

I can’t imagine two better parents. Two of the best ones around. Equal parts of everything a child (and an adult) needs. And even better grandparents. I know there’s a big part of my parents that thinks they failed my brother, and therefore as parents. I want them to know they didn’t. What happened wasn’t a result of their parenting. Addiction is disease. I know a few people who will back me up.

I can’t imagine a better example of a great marriage than theirs. I only hope to someday have a marriage that somewhat resembles theirs. They still adore each other after forty-two years of marriage. I showed my Father this old photograph and his response was: “Well I definitely married up, didn’t I?”



Well, there they are. Then and now. My heroes. Who I hope to be when I grow up. I love you guys.

Soon to come, part two, including their full session with me in my favorite winter-y golden field.

–  Leah

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