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Taking Pictures When it’s Cold: Why you Should!

Well Wintertime has finally really set in. It’s cold and it’s blustery. It’s a time of early darkness, seeing your breath and running directly from the car to the door after work so you can settle into your cozy home for the night only to run out again in the morning and shiver until the heat in your car kicks in again. You’ll repeat the whole process tonight and then tomorrow and the next day until the sun thaws us out in the spring. It can be totally miserable until then.

But bare with me here and keep an open mind for a moment while I say this, Winter can beautiful too. I know I probably lost a lot of you. You yelled ‘Nope!’ Or closed my blog. It’s true that there is a lot of things that die in nature during Winter. There’s a lot of harsh and cold and sharp and dryness. But what would the spring be without this season? If we didn’t have the season where we schloff off all the bad from the year, how would we have the rebirth and the renewal? And it’s gorgeous in it’s own unique way.

Spring is beautiful. It has beauty and newness and life. Everything is soft, shiny, green, and bright. But Fall and Winter hold a beauty and texture all their own. There’s a bit of brittleness that happens to the fields this time of year. The colors are quieter and softer. There are two different colors imparticular that I cannot get enough of. The first is this golden color that almost melts into a white yellow. It looks stunning on film. The second is almost a muted grayish brown. You may see this color a lot in groups of leafless trees. But I’m telling you, it makes a gorgeous background for pictures. Another cool thing about nature in Winter is getting to actually see the intricacy of tree branches. That may sound totally crazy, but seriously, check out a larger tree the next time you come across one. It’s really something, and it’s beautiful. It can make for amazing pictures too. I guess I can’t mention Winter and nature without talking about snow!! And snow speaks for itself really. Everything is beautiful with a fresh blanket of snow.

So many incredible and stunning things happening in nature I just hate that I don’t often get to take advantage of them this time of year. Not many clients want to brave the cold. I totally understand why, but oh I wish they would! There is a major lack of portrait sessions with people in their adorable coats, hats, scarves, and gloves just being families or just being in love in the chilly weather. They make for some seriously cute Holiday or New Years Cards.

If you are interested in braving the cold with me for one such adorable Holiday Session they are more than half off right now. $250 slashed down to $100 with holiday card design included and the first 10 cards for free! It’s not too late to get in a quick session and get those Christmas cards out for the season! Anyway, here are some pictures of Wintertime landscape by yours truly and a very close to my heart Winter session! Love you, Lindows! (Say a prayer for Aberli [dark hair] who finished up her first round of chemo yesterday! Kick some cancer butt, Aberli!)












–  Leah


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