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Your Weekly Inspiration: Artist Masha D’yans

So, this week I want to take a moment to spotlight one of my favorite artists. Masha D’yans. You guys, I cannot start my year without my Masha D’yans calendar. Every year there are pieces in this gorgeous calendar that inspire me and spur me on to make and create beautiful things. Sometimes I find it hard to turn the page when the time comes because I’m so obsessed with the current month’s illustration (I’m currently in August!) This woman uses things such as girl’s hair blowing in the wind, flower petals, hearts, wishies, leaves, and umbrellas as her major staples. Um, hello! What could be better? Please, please, please, check out her work, buy her calendars, greeting cards, cell phone cases, pillows, everything (Her work is on anything you think of). This stuff is mega cute. Even if you want to just take a look and get inspired, it’s totally worth it. Also if you’re a bride of mine, you may just receive a card with her work on it!


I love it so so muchhhhh!!! Here is a link to her stuff! Enjoy! Any artist inspire you the way Masha does me? What calendar can you not live without? Tell me about it in the comments.

–  Leah

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