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Why you want me and not your relative to shoot your Wedding

There are so many hard decisions to make when you are planning a wedding. How much of your money to spend and where to spend it probably being one of the hardest. Where do you draw the line when you’re spending thousands upon thousands to make this day special? I’ve run into the situation quite a bit where I’ve seen people trying to decide whether or not to hire a professional or have a friend or family member shoot their wedding to save money. Well, I’m here to tell you why photography is one place you do want to invest your hard earned cash.

1.Photography is for keeps

Think about it, the pictures of your wedding are one of the only things you actually get to take home with you. The others being your ring and your spouse! It captures everything. The food, the dresses, the flowers, the cake, the way you decorated-all of your hard work, the beauty you’ve dreamt of your whole life immortalized through photos. Hiring a professional helps ensure no hiccups, no lost memories. It’s the one thing you hold in your hand at the end of it all.

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2. I’m trained for this

Having experience is key to shooting a wedding. I know exactly what questions to ask you to help deliver everything you want and more in your photos. I know where to stand, where to be and when, and just the right moment to hover my fingers over the shutter button to create amazing memories of your beautifully planned day. Candid or not I’m ready to grab the shot. I’ve been training for your wedding day for years.


3. Gorgeous Pictures

We talked about being in the right place at the right time. But what about the technical side to photography? Sure, your family member or friend just bought the latest camera model and is all ready to try that baby out on the most important day of your life. But do they know the best settings for your candle lit reception to make it look as gorgeous as you will remember it? Do they know how to handle any lighting situation without producing something hard to make out its so dark, or unflatteringly bright with an automatic flash? Weddings are unpredictable. Technical knowledge of the camera is crucial. You must be ready for anything and know exactly how to capture images, no matter what.


4. Working with Family

Working with family or a close friend can be wonderful, it can also be a rough road to travel. It’s hard to avoid things getting awkward when discussing money and final products. For example, if someone does something for you free of charge or as a gift, it may be hard to ask just when it will be ready, after all this your family or friend! I have experience on both ends of this spectrum and I will say, it can get messy. Also, you may want your friend/family to feel like a guest and not like an employee. While capturing your best moments and precious memories is great, most likely they won’t feel like they got to really experience your wedding as someone who really cares about you would want to. It’s definitely something to consider.


5. No regrets

I’ve talked to many people, including my own father, who regret not hiring a photographer for their wedding day. Some who actually regret the professional photographer they hired. This is why it is so important to talk to and really get to know your photographer, making sure they are the right fit for you. But, if the person you hired is working for little to no pay, you have to be prepared for the result. How important is it to you to have beautiful pictures from your day? Photos that your children’s children will want to see. It’s a part of history and the first of many family memories you will create. Make sure you have no regrets!!


Whether or not you hire a professional depends on how much you value the photos that will be taken on your wedding day. Maybe it really doesn’t seem all that important to you. Maybe you’d much rather invest in a killer wedding dress, or a venue that’s to die for. There is nothing wrong with that! You have to make the right decision for you. If you think I’m making a big fuss over nothing, then saving money on pictures probably is the right way to go for you. I’m just here to help you make an educated decision about why you might want a professional there. Consider what’s best for you.

I love hearing from you. Tell us what worked best for you, or what decision you know you’ll make when the time comes and why in the comments.

–  Leah

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