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Wedding Bouquets: Keeping it simple & Wowing at the same Time

So, let’s talk bouquets. Much like hair, I have a small obsession with beautiful flowers. It’s one of my largest boards on Pinterest. One of my main rules of thumb in life, fashion, or whatever the case may be, is to keep things simple. It’s super easy to go overboard, especially when you are planning the most important day of your life. Here are three bouquet ideas for your wedding that are simple, easy, and sure to be crowd-pleasers. [Disclaimer: I did not take these images. If you want to find out the amazing photographers and blogs that posted these beautiful images you can find them here on my ‘Unreal Bouquets’ Pinterest board.]

1. Muted & Classic


Keeping it a bit muted or even pastel colored is a beautiful, beautiful look. If you have bright colors throughout your wedding you may want to consider this idea. It helps to soften the looks and keep the eye from being overwhelmed. Also, it gives a super dreamy, romantic vibe. I love the way it looks and photographs.

2. A Pop of Color


Now jumping to the other end of the spectrum, let’s say your wedding is a very classic black and white or where there is color it’s kept light or neutral. This may be just the place for a pop of color. I would keep the selection to two like bright colors [although, I think one color that really pops and compliments is even better] if you’re going this route. If the colors are too different it can start to look hodge-podgy. Keep it sweet and simple!!

3. Adding Variety


While I think a bouquet of flowers is gorgeous on it’s own, adding a little variety to your bouquet may be the key to making it amazing. This can include twigs, leaves, berries, and whatever else you can think up. This gives a fairytale type feeling. You can go as creative as you’d like. I don’t recommend adding too much or you may end up with something that looks more like an arts and crafts project.

UGH!! So beautiful. I wish I had a flawless bouquets of flowers [specifically peonies], in my home at all times. They just make me happy. So today’s theme was definitely: the simpler the better. There are tons of ways to get creative with your flowers, but don’t go overboard with extras or colors! Let your florist know to keep your actual bouquets on the smaller side. I’ve had brides tell me they felt like they were carrying weights around all day. Not a feeling you want on your wedding day! Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, we want to see you!! Don’t let your flowers be so large and loud that they steal the show.

Which type of bouquet is your favorite? What advice do you have about flowers? Leave it below.

–  Leah

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