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Snowy Memory of my Brother: While we Yearn for Spring

I must apologize for my lateness this week. Moving threw me for a loop and I lost track of almost everything, including the days. With that I will let you know that I am back in the beautiful and slightly warmer climate of Greensboro, North Carolina, fiance in tow. I am available now to book your spring and summer sessions and weddings! Even if you’d just like to meet me for coffee and talk about your wedding/a session or just life in general, I’m down with that too. Give me a call! 336.509.8222 and we can set something up asap. It’s really good to be home with all you fine people! I miss you!! Let’s take pictures!!

Every once and a while North Carolina actually experiences some snow. Well that happened to be the case a few years ago when I took these shots of my niece and my brother, Noah. I didn’t realize how much I would come to treasure this moment they shared. Someday she will too. As many issues as Noah had they all seemed to fade away when he was with my niece, Grace. He was at his best with this little girl. She made him better somehow. This may just be me, but I feel like you can see this in these pictures. How much he loves Grace, how good of a man he truly was, what a great father he could have been without the disease. Anyway, you be the judge.





— Leah

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