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Well, Hey There!

Hi! So my website has been down for a bit for the simple reason that we had to make this AMAZING one. But now we’re back and better than ever. We’ve revised a few things. Made some tweaks here and there. It’s so awesome though because now I’m offering a ton of free wedding content and just pure inspiration, that I only offer through email. Which reminds me…

YOU’VE GOT TO SIGN UP FOR MY EMAIL LIST! Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Yeah sure, Leah. I’m going to put my name and email on that list and you’re going to spam me with a ton of emails I don’t want. Just another email piling up in my inbox. 

This is not the case. The email list is my newest feature. It’s a once a week email for past, present and future brides. It’s also for people who just want to be inspired by art and life. You’ll get the access to my pinterest boards to make planning your wedding exciting and help take some of the chore aspect out of it. We also have the inside scoop on what’s happening in the wedding world. Also tips, dos and don’ts, my favorite products and vendors, inspiration, as well as personal posts. And let’s not forget gorgeous photos! That’s why you came here in the first place, right??

Anyway! Check out the new site. Look around! Make yourself at home. Share it with your friends on facebook and twitter. And sign up for all the pretty inspiration so I can get it to you asap!

Below is a sneak peek of some Pinterest Boards I’ve been working on!


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