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Beautiful Day: Pictures of My Favorite Girl

My beautiful little niece is about to turn ten years old. To me she’s still, and will always be the precious little toddler that runs to me screaming, “AUNT LEAH!” when I walk through the door. In fact, she still does. I will never love anyone like I love this little girl. She warms my heart and keeps me in a place of hope, laughter, love, and kindness. I’ve never seen a more loving child. It’s so strange to start to speak to her much more as a young lady than a child. She’s so smart and strong and her love of animals warms my heart every time I see her with one. I have no doubt she’s going to kick some major butt in this world. I can’t wait to see what she decides to do with her life. With the weather finally starting to warm up for good (fingers crossed), we took some photos of her new grown up haircut today.









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