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All about Fields & Megan & Brian

So this week is all about fields. Pretty fields. Like the kind you might see in another classic film from my childhood, Anne of Green Gables. This movie, you guys. The trailer makes me cry. Also when I hear the theme song I melt into a puddle of my formerly little girl self. If you watch the beginning you see like 4 or 5 gorgeous fields in the first few seconds.

There are few things more gorgeous in nature than long grass, wheat, or flowers for miles. So peaceful and serene. Your eyes are just resting when they look at something so beautiful. I know I breathe a sigh of relief when I’m in or around one. It may be why I use so many in my work. I found some Monday night while shooting Megan & Brian’s Engagement session. Check them out along with some other beautiful shots from their shoot! And don’t forget to watch the Anne of Green Gables trailer, because why wouldn’t you?IMG_9106 IMG_9174











In the comments, let me know what your favorite field to frolic in is.

– Leah

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